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For millions of Americans, COVID-19 has changed traditional office work environments, and for some, this shift has created more opportunities for working individuals to acquire side hustles alongside their careers. So, if you’re ready to start the journey of becoming self-employed without fully committing, or you just want to earn a little extra income on the side – check out these tips on how you can become a thriving entrepreneur while at your full-time job.


Have you ever heard the phrase “Working a 9 to 5, and a 6 to 9?”. Getting your side business off the ground will require a similar level of focus that you give to your job. That starts with treating your business like it’s your job. Carving out dedicated work hours for your business, outside of the hours you spend on your career job, ensures that you are keeping them separate. This strategy also helps you compartmentalize the tasks that you have to do for both of your income streams. For example, you don’t want to schedule any meetings for your own business while you are at work (even if you are working from home). It’s bad for business, and it can’t help you be a better employee either. Don’t get sidetracked.

Utilize Your Corporate Skills

Many individuals have been able to learn a number of hard and soft skills while working their corporate job that external clients would pay a premium for. Skills such as; account management, grant writing, graphic design, and recruiting can be freelanced as a side business. Consider what skills you have learned at work that you would be able to use as your side hustle? Could you build an entire business around those skills?


Repeat after me…you can’t do it all alone. That goes for starting a business as well. If you can’t afford an employee just yet, consider what tasks you can outsource to make your day to day life more comfortable. For example, could you hire a house cleaner every other week? What about a babysitter to watch the kids on the weekend while you grind for your business? Outsourcing whatever you can afford can give you time to work on your other ventures, while also protecting your mental health. Work smarter, not harder.

Sanity Check

Nobody ever said being an entrepreneur and employee would be easy…but here we are. Make sure you are not only checking in with yourself, but also your family, friends, and partners. To be successful you need to have a solid support system, so checking in on everyone emotionally is a major key. Also, make sure you do a sanity check on your job performance as well. You want to be firing on all cylinders, and anywhere that you are underperforming needs more of your attention.

Setting Realistic Goals of When to STOP

Nothing is meant to last forever, and the level of commitment, motivation, and hard work that it takes to build a business and work a job is bound to take its toll on anyone. So, it’s important to set realistic goals on what you want of your life and your career. Figuring out your goals and knowing how you can achieve them will help you cut the cord and eventually make the shift to full-time business ownership.

Building a foundation for your business while earning a paycheck can be a reality for so many people due to the state of the world. You have the ability to learn a lot in a secure environment. This includes making mistakes, pivoting directions, and creating a true brand. The beauty of entrepreneurship is that it can look different for everyone, and there is no right or wrong way to be a business owner. And while it can be a balancing act at times, it’s all about doing what personally works best for you.

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